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On this page you find links to the web sites of Statistical Organisations that distribute the IDEP package. We will also point directly to the place from where the latest IDEP-Package for that country can be downloaded and/or installed.

Normally, for a first time installation or keep your Multi Member State IDEP package up-to-date from year to year it is sufficient to click on all the start installationlinks below. However, the individual Download Pages might provide you with interesting additional information.

For more general information concerning Intrastat at European Organisations please consult our links page

We do our best to keep this page up to date. Should you however discover an error, please don't hesitate to report it to

Questions and Answers (FAQ) et news about IDEP/CN8

Gouvernmental Institutes distributing IDEP free of charge
Country Organisation Install/Download IDEP Intrastat URL
Austria Statistik Austria - Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich Download Page
Start Installation
Belgium Banque Nationale de Belgique - Commerce Extérieur / Nationale Bank van België - Buitenlandse handel
A partir du 1er Janvier 2016, IDEP sera distribué par Revolux. Une licence annuelle est requis. Les prix seront les mêmes que pour FR et PT (voir ci-dessous). Plus d’information sera disponible ultérieurement. La procédure "Vérification pour mise à jour" reste opérationnel.
Vanaf 1 januari 2016 wordt IDEP door Revolux gedistribueerd. Een jaarlijkse licentie is nodig. De prijzen hiervoor zijn dezelfde als die van FR en PT (zie hieronder). Meer informatie wordt later beschikbaar gemaakt. De procedure "Check voor Upgrades" blijft operationeel.
Ab 1. Januar 2016 wird von IDEP Revolux verteilt. Eine jährliche Lizenz ist erforderlich. Die Preise sind die gleiche wie für die FR und PT (siehe unten). Weitere Informationen werden später zur Verfügung gestellt. Der Vorgang "Nach Upgrades prüfen" bleibt in Betrieb.
From 1-jan-2016 IDEP will be distributed by Revolux. An annual licence is required. Prices will be similar as for FR and PT (see below). More details will follow later. The "check for upgrades" procedure in your current IDEP package remains operational.
Download Page
Start Installation
Denmark Danmark Statistik Download Page
Start Installation
Luxembourg Service Central de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques Download Page
Start Installation
Sweden Statistiska Centralbyrån Info English

Countries where an IDEP licence needs to be bought
Country Organisation Install/Download IDEP Information URL
France Revolux Start Installation Info and Order
Portugal Revolux Start Installation Info and Order
Spain Brao & Co. Distributor of IDEP-compatible package.