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IDEP Order and Registration

Welcome! You can obtain a one year IDEP/CN8 license here.

Please enter the registration code the IDEP package has provided you with (you can find this code at the 'register' page which can be reached from the 'Syst. Maintenance' menu).

IDEP/CN8 Registration Code   
Enter Registration Code with correct length

The price of a one year licence is 169 EUR excluding VAT. This includes a limited technical support

To order a licence and receive a manual invoice fill in the details below and press the BUY button. The registration code must to be overtaken from the registration page in your IDEP package.
For non-Luxembourgish VAT numbers we will apply 0% VAT.

Company NameCompany AddressPostal Code and City  CountryVAT NumberEmail AddressIDEP contact personContact person administrationEmail address administrationPhone number AdministrationPurchase Order number

Payment via PayPal or Credit Card is in this release no longer supported; Many companies afterwards prefered a normal invoice exempted from VAT. This caused a large administrative overhead for all parties involved.


  • If you have not yet installed an IDEP package or if you're running an older release:
    BELGIUM: more information here
    start download/installation here.

    FRANCE: We no longer distribute IDEP for France.

    Important! You must download, install and run a new IDEP package BEFORE you can order a licence!

    One licence per client installation is required.

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